What We Do

We prevent and alleviate the effects of poverty by responding to the emergency needs of the citizens of Frederick County.

We coordinate donations of time, talent, money, food and other resources to meet the urgent needs of people of Frederick County.

The Coalition works toward a more just and compassionate society.


What's Happening

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Our donors, our clients, and our workers are the inspiration for our new philosophy and program: #HomeOnDeGrange. We’re excited to expand our services and our reach with compassion and dignity. The Frederick community and its needs are the core at everything we do at Religious Coalition, and we hope to keep growing with you – our donors, our partners and our clients – in order to make Frederick a great place to live for every one of its citizens. This is our home. Let’s make it better together.

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2017 Report to the Community

2017 Report to the Community
2017 was a huge year of growth for us!  We turned over a new leaf aesthetically and internally. We hired new talent, and we keep developing in fresh and innovative ways. We expanded programs and pruned old ideas. Our energy was put into changing and growing, moving towards sustainability and longevity for our clients.
2017 Donor Listing 

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Making A Difference

Since 1981, the Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs has been providing Frederick County residents neighbors in need with emergency shelter and emergency financial assistance for homeless prevention, healthcare and food.

The Religious Coalition is the leading provider of emergency shelter for homeless adults and families and the point of entry for homeless prevention in Frederick County. We are the leading provider of emergency financial assistance outside of the local government.

 The Coalition partners with the community in conducting food drives, encouraging volunteerism and advocate for support for those in need of shelter, food and healthcare. Please join us in making a difference in Frederick County.

Food Banks


Families, each month, rely on the services of our affiliated local food banks to feed their family.

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Emergency Shelter


Homeless adults were provided emergency shelter at the Alan P. Linton, Jr., Emergency Shelter.

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Individuals with chronic health conditions were provided life-saving prescriptions.

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