What We Do

Founded in 1981, the Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs has been providing those most at risk in our community with emergency shelter for homeless adults and families, healthcare assistance to the uninsured, utility assistance, homeless prevention programs and food assistance through local food banks.

With programs that directly support men, women and children, our organization works to eradicate homelessness in Frederick County.

We partner with other service providers and the faith community to bring aid, awareness and attention of these social issues to our community and our legislators.

Simply put, we provide the most basic human needs all with God’s love and compassion to our neighbors in need.


In 1981, local churches were called upon to assume a greater role in providing services to the needy and because of the biblical mandate to serve those in need.  The churches in Frederick County answered this call and created The Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs.  The Coalition has expanded to become the largest source of emergency financial assistance in Frederick County outside of local government.


The Religious Coalition provides short term emergency financial assistance to individuals and families those with emergency human needs; those without food, clothing, shelter, health care, and those at risk of losing their homes.

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Our Mission

The Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs seeks to prevent and alleviate the effects of poverty on the residents of Frederick County.

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Eliezer Valentin-Castanon

Chairman of the Board

Vice President

Dan Schiffman


Shelley Aloi


Ray Barnes

Josh Bokee

Larry Eubanks



Syed Haque

Randy Jones

Mike Markoe


Carla Ray

C. Paul Smith


Mark Wakefield



Nick Brown
Executive Director
301-631-2670 x105

Brenda Bell
Director, Asst. Shelter Director/Case Manager
Alan P. Linton, Jr. Emergency Shelter
301-631-2670 x113

Neil Donnelly
Director of Emergency Family Shelter
301-631-2670 x111

Catherine Dorsey
Director of Client Services
301-631-2670 x115

Sharon Florwick
Finance Manager
301-631-2670 x106

Anastasia Kornilova

Anastasia Kornilova
Social Media Strategist
301-631-2670 x107

Kavonte Duckett
Client Support Specialist
301-631-2670 x118

Dale Parkhurst

Dale Parkhurst
Case Manager
301-631-2670 x124

Valarie Pearce
Client Services Controller
301-631-2670 x108

Sara Ryan
PR/Development Manager
301-631-2670 x117

Melanie Williams
Case Manager

Konnor Roberson
Program Specialist
301-631-2670 x119