The Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs was founded more than 34 years ago by a few churches in Frederick County. Their goal was to coordinate the efforts of providing assistance to those in need in the community by establishing a central location in the community that would be able to provide emergency financial assistance.

Today, there are an estimated 400 houses of worship in Frederick County representing all faith traditions, and now more than 100 houses of worship partner with the Religious Coalition by giving financial assistance to our work.

Why Partnerships Work

A central location for the screening and coordination of services to those in need avoids the duplication of services, as well as provides the expertise in advocating for the needy in our community.

Ways Houses of Worship Partner with the Religious Coalition:

  • Include the Coalition in their annual budget
  • Appoint liaisons to work directly with the Coalition
  • Promote volunteering in the ministries of the Coalition
  • Conduct in kind supply drives

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